Bonnie Gray Resources is an integrated and result focused Business and Human Resource Solutions firm in Nigeria. We have helped clients across diverse industries and sectors such as Financial Services, Telecoms, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Hospitality, Power, Entertainment, FMCG, etc., to achieve their strategic goals and objectives with our value offerings spanning across  Talent Resourcery, People Outsourcing, Training Solutions, HR Consulting. Our verve for delivery is  predicated upon the foundations of problem solving and value creation.

Bonnie Gray Resources leverages network and business collaboration model expertise to offer a wide range of HR solutions to its clients across varying sectors.

The Bonnie Gray Resources(BGR) team works directly with clients to ascertain the gaps in their  HR processes and present matching solutions to meet the client’s demands.
We engage strategic partnership to deliver and cater to gaps in clients’ HR processes. Together we are positioned well to handle the entire Workforce Management by deploying the right set skills to our clients operations and projects.

As a HR Professional services firm, operating on collaboration business model, our consultants/partners are experienced in a wide spectrum of human resources consulting projects across various industry sectors. Our partners have afforded us with the requisite licenses and registration in line with best practice to be able to serve our clients unrestricted in the oil and gas sector.